At this very moment, countless individuals across the globe are experiencing a profound awakening, and you might just find yourself among these empowered souls.

A spiritual awakening is a transformative journey - a beautiful process of healing, rebirth, and embracing the elevated purpose that resonates with your true essence.

However, this journey isn't always wrapped in fairytales and butterflies.

Navigating the path of awakening can be an intensely emotional and intricate experience, leaving you feeling as though you're wandering, isolated, and detached - casting a shadow on the meaningfulness of life.

Yet, there's a transformative potential waiting to unfold.

Once you unveil the interconnectedness of everything, a sanctuary of true inner peace and liberation emerges.

Are you prepared to expand your consciousness and unveil the radiant truth of who you are?

Crystal Awakening is a 6 week course tailored for souls currently undergoing a spiritual awakening, earnestly seeking a more profound meaning and purpose in their lives.

Throughout this course you will cultivate a consistent meditation practice and acquire valuable insights into crystal and energy techniques that will support you on your spiritual journey of awakening.

Explore the transformative power of crystals as you learn how they can assist you in expanding your consciousness, establishing a deeper connection with different aspects of yourself, unlocking latent psychic abilities, and safeguarding your energy.

As you shatter the illusion and uncover your authentic Self, a profound sense of calm, connection, and clarity will envelop you, providing a roadmap for moving forward with a renewed purpose in your life.

Module One - Awakening - Emergence
Embark on the enlightening journey of self-discovery in the first module, Emergence. This phase invites you to rouse from the dreamlike state and delve into the profound exploration of your true essence. Receive guidance on beginning meditation - an invaluable practice to commence your transformative journey.

Module Two - Unveiling the Multidimensional Self
Explore the multidimensional aspects of yourself, allowing you to transcend your physical form. Connect with your Higher Self and navigate through various levels of awareness and layers of expansion. Enter 5D consciousness and harness the potent energy of crystals to widen your perception.

Module Three - Shift Happens - Embracing the Winds of Change
Enter the transformative realm of Shift Happens, where layers are shed, lessons are repeated until learned, and the understanding that old ways won't open new doors becomes clear. Integrate daily self-care crystal rituals and engage in visualization exercises to navigate this phase of profound change.

Module Four - Facing the Darkness - Confronting Shadows and Embracing Light
In Facing the Darkness, navigate the challenging terrain of the Dark Night of the Soul. Confront the shadows, address the challenges within The Void, and embark on shadow work. Learn to access higher states of consciousness guided by the powerful energy of crystals.

Module Five - Spiritual and Energetic Empowerment
Heighten your sensitivity to spiritual energies and learn to safeguard and preserve your energy. Enhance your energetic awareness and establish boundaries that fortify your inner sanctum.

Module Six - The Rebirth of Self
Discover your natural flow, recognize that your energy attracts like-minded souls, and embrace a renewed sense of purpose. Experience an energy amplification through the synergy of crystals and energy work, and a deep understanding that paradise is not a place, but a profound state of consciousness.


• 6 weekly sacred calls - immerse yourself in guidance sessions
• Lifetime access to recorded modules - delve into the wisdom at your own pace
• Sacred worksheets for reflection - ground your experience with self-reflection
• Guided crystal meditations - tap into the transformative energy of these sacred stones
• Heart-centred email support - experience continuous support throughout

Crystal Awakening unfolds through 6 LIVE calls, commencing on Wednesday 6th March, at 7pm CET/6pm GMT.

In moments when attendance isn't possible, rest assured - access the recorded sessions, worksheets, and extra resources through the Crystal Awakening Portal.

Guiding your Crystal Awakening journey is Jade Marsh, visionary founder of Spirit Crystal Academy. As a Quantum Coach and Energy Healer with over a decade of spiritual expertise, Jade brings a depth of understanding to illuminate your path of spiritual awakening.

Embark on a transformative journey with Crystal Awakening for 555 euros.
However, a special early bird discount of 333 euros is available if you join before February 28th.

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